1. This application does not collect any type of user data, nor does it send user information to QC Ingenieros servers.
  2. There are no third parties involved in the use of your work data from this application. We do not obtain, use, or share your information with: third-party SDK, analytics tools, ad networks, or our legal affiliates (parent, subsidiary, related entities).
  3. The only information we obtain from the user is:
    a) their personal data provided by them at the time of downloading the application, such as: Name, email, company, product and language and country.
    b) Information on errors or problems that users find in which they ask us for help. We will use this information to contact you each time we publish a new product or an update, if it is of your interest. We retain this information.
  4. If the user wants us to delete it from our database or does not want to be contacted, he must send an email to and we will proceed with the elimination of his information.

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